Thank You!

Your donation is so important to Playschool!

We are so grateful for your support. As a non-profit, we rely on donations for a range of special projects, and for financial aid.

Charlestown Playhouse has always strived to make our program accessible to all families regardless of financial need through our cooperative model, volunteer activities, fundraising events, and relatively low tuition rates. We use donations to provide additional tuition reductions and financial assistance.

The other projects which your donation will go to includes our major Raingarden Project to improve stormwater runoff and safety in the parking lot, and new lighting in the parking lot, which will also enhance safety.  Donations also support the changes we have made to adapt to the pandemic with increased cleaning, testing, and new Outdoor Learning classrooms. Our entire program is strengthened by your support, and we are so grateful. 



The Raingarden and Stormwater Improvement project is underway as of November 1st. It will transform our parking area by reducing stormwater flows, adding native plant and wildlife habitat, and improving safety.


One of our Outdoor Classrooms.