Support Staff

Cathy Bodo
School Secretary

Cathy is thrilled to be back at Playschool in a new role where she can welcome and support all of the teachers, directors and parents.  Cathy spent many years as a teacher in the Green Room at Playschool, and was also a parent at the school, so she is familiar with the joys and challenges that each day can bring. She is a problem-solver, naturalist, and master tie-dyer as well as a Quickbooks quick study. During the summer Cathy is the co-Director of Miss Betty's Day Camp. 

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Pam Buchanan
Permanent Substitute Teacher, Extended and Camp Staff

Pam started her children at Playschool in 1964 having learned about it from her neighbor. Pam says that she learned so much from Miss Betty and all the teachers and other parents. The Charlestown Sale was the twice-a-year reason to go through your house and sell what you were not using. All the many work parties were times to make friends and help the school with fundraising. Playschool was a big part of her and her family’s lives. Pam has had four children and six grandchildren graduate from Playschool and also from Miss Betty’s camp, including her daughter, Miss Alyssa (Orange Room teacher). When she is not working at Playschool, Pam also works at Gheel House, a residential mental health facility, helping with cleaning, cooking, and laundry, and providing friendly support to the residents. For two weeks each spring and fall you can find Pam spending most of her spare time volunteering at the Charlestown Sale, and each summer you’ll find her running our summer camp program with Miss Alyssa.


Allegra Churchill
Development Associate

Allegra is proud to help the school that her grandmother, Miss Betty, founded.  While some parts of school have evolved since Miss Betty's time, the laughter of children in the play yard never ceases to sound the same and to bring joy.  Allegra enjoys raising money for Playschool so that it can have high quality programming, support amazing teachers, be accessible and welcoming to a diversity of families, and give back to the greater Phoenixville community. Her two boys are now in elementary school but love to come back and play.