Laura Sacco, Head of School

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Amy Saia, Ed. D.
Education Director

About Our Teachers

We take pride in the dedication and commitment of our teaching staff. Several of our staff members have been with Playschool for over 20 years, several others for more than 12 years, and one for over 70 years! Each classroom is staffed with a lead teacher and a co-teacher or teaching assistant, and one or two parent helpers. The presence of accredited staff, knowledgeable assistants and dedicated parent helpers in each classroom allows Playschool to offer the excellent child/adult ratio (4:1 or 5:1) that makes our unparalleled child-driven curriculum and activities possible.

Yellow Room Teachers

Melissa Lennon

Purple Room Teachers

Linda Winicov

Green Room Teachers

Maria Pell

Amanda Domergue

Orange Room Teachers

Carrie Williams

Alyssa Kull

Kindergarten (Blue Room) Teachers

Susan Spotts

Support Staff

Karen Elsmore
School Secretary, Extended and Camp Staff


Jean Lacy, Enrichment Teacher

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Pam Buchanan
Permanent Substitute Teacher, Extended and Camp Staff