Staff Spotlight

In 2021-2022, we will using our Staff Spotlights to learn more about individual staff, their inspirations, and their incredible resilience in adapting to Outdoor Learning in a pandemic.

Spotlight on Rebeca Cutillas

Rebeca is a teacher in the Orange Room. She is from Spain.

What do you enjoy about teaching the children Spanish?

They are super curious about how to say things in Spanish. They love to participate. They are super curious about other cultures, about Spain and other cultures. My favorite part is when we are singing songs. They have a favorite one - everyone now knows the “Chichua Song”. I love that because they are laughing. Those songs that are giving you that funny part, that interactive part. I like that moment when we are all dancing.


How did you decide to become a teacher?

I love to learn and to be curious, so the best way to learn I thought is to be teaching. I am learning every day a lot from teaching, and from the kids. You can learn a lot from the kids -- how to see life in a different way, a natural, curious, joyful way. I fall in love with teaching, and with kids when I started teaching.


Are there differences in living in Spain and here in the US?

The most difference I see is that in Spain people tend to stay together, the community is stronger than in this society here, in general. But Playschool is an exception, you know.

What is important for the Spanish people is the free time, as much as work, or sometimes even more. Time for gathering and staying with family, quality time with family and friends, for socializing. And here that is less.

But not at Charlestown Playhouse! Charlestown Playhouse is about community and about having fun and getting together. I love it!


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