The Orange Room

Kim Glover

Kim received her teaching certification as well as her Masters in Special Education from West Chester University.  Professionally, she has worked in both private and public schools throughout Chester County in a variety of capacities pertaining to special education. Kim also worked for Chester County Intermediate Unit as a Cross District Teacher and also for their Early Intervention program. Kim also aided in the creation of a Multiple Disabilities Support Classroom at Great Valley High School.

Beyond her professional experience, Kim has spent over 10 years in the Playschool community, having sent all four of her children through the Playschool program.  Her and her family are firm believers in the "playschool way" and have witnessed first-hand the influence the school has on molding caring, compassionate and confident students as they progress into the rest of the student career.

In her free time Kim enjoys riding horses, taking in live music and reading.  She joined the Playschool staff in Fall 2021.


Maria Pell

Maria has her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has been a teacher at Playschool since 2010 when her middle son was a student. She and her husband Don have four children and one grandson.

During the summer, Maria and her family usually spend a lot of time at the Jersey shore with her parents.  Maria loves spending time with her family, swimming, hiking, or just singing along to music at home. Life is never dull at the Pell household!  Playschool has become a very special place for Maria, Don, and their kids. They have all made lifelong friends during their time at Playschool. In fact the children still regularly see the friends they made in the Yellow Room!


Bonnie Pluta

Bonnie grew up in Phoenixville and received a dual Early Childhood and Elementary Education teaching certificate from West Chester University of PA.  She then began her professional career in the Great Valley School District as a Personal Care Assistant and substitute teaching in Chester County. Looking to broaden her horizons, she moved to Knoxville, TN and earned a Masters of Science in Child and Family Studies from University of Tennessee while working at the university’s Early Learning Center and Parenting Education Lab. She also interned at the Helen Ross McNabb Center in their therapeutic preschool for young children who had experienced a traumatic event.

Following graduate school, Bonnie moved back to Chester County and worked as a Mobile Therapist and Behavior Support Consultant throughout the area and in West Chester at the Care Center Foundation in their preschool program which serves low- income families and supports parents in their employment endeavors. During her time at the Care Center, Bonnie helped the program transition during a major renovation from a basement to a new child-centered school building. Once the kids transitioned, Bonnie began a new journey to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, while working and receiving supervision at Devereux CARES (Center for Autism Research & Education Services). Once certified, Bonnie began providing Behavior Analytic services through the CCIU part-time while raising her family.

Bonnie lives in Malvern, PA with her husband and three children and a plethora of animals including cats, dogs, chickens, guinea pigs, and hermit crabs. Her family is drawn to Playschool for the strong community and loving  respect of children and their development.