What is League...?

League is the Charlestown Playhouse parent, teacher, and alumni community and its three main goals are to Build Community, Drive Fundraising, and Support Parenting. At League Meetings, you’ll spend time with other parents, receive updates on school happenings, figure out where you and your talents fit best, and be supported in this journey called parenting. We gather once a month for about two hours and there’s always plenty of food, friends, and knowledge to go around. Participating in League is a great way for parents to find their niche in this community and support the school. Typically the May meeting honors someone who has contributed greatly to the school, and is a wonderful time for alumni parents to reconnect.

2020/21 League Committee

President – Kelly Miller

Vice President – Stephanie Engle

Secretary – Jessica Wolff

Treasurer – Amy Kleppinger

Activities Coordinator – Debbie McAvoy

Bazaar –  Brie Cronan, Zahner Glabere

2019/20 League Calendar

Parents with a currently enrolled child can find dates/times for League meetings on the School Calendar or on our Charlestown Playhouse Families Facebook page.