The Green Room

Krista Bowman


Krista has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education, a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, a certificate in the Education for Sustainability and she has been trained as a Pennsylvania Master Naturalist. Krista is also a 500-hour certified yoga teacher and Reiki Master. Krista was a public school elementary teacher for 11 years and then chose to follow her passion of becoming an environmental educator. Krista feels extremely lucky to be a part of the Playschool community, where learning is centered on the whole child, play, nature connection, and community.

Krista enjoys spending her time outside in nature, teaching, learning, and creating a loving, purposeful and fulfilling life with her two daughters. When she is not teaching, you can find Krista gardening, reading, paddle boarding, doing yoga, hiking, relaxing at the beach, learning something new, spending time with family and friends, or running her own healing business.

Alyssa Kull


Alyssa has been on the Playschool staff since 2006.  Playschool has always been a part of Alyssa’s life and it holds a special place in her heart. As a young child she went to Playschool for five years and has many wonderful memories from her years here.  

Alyssa earned her BA in Education from Immaculata College. Alyssa and her husband Brad have two children who both attended Playschool, and in her spare time Alyssa enjoys walking in the woods with her dog and her mom (our Miss Pam). During each spring and fall, you can find Alyssa spending most of her spare time volunteering at the Charlestown Sale, and each summer you’ll find her running Playschool’s camp program with Miss Pam.

Celine Heffron-Pero


When I was just a child myself I volunteered as a peer counselor to help in the school’s preschool program. At 16 I became an official volunteer for the Leon County Public Schools in Florida and continued to work in the Owls Nest which serviced combined classes with typical and Special Needs preschoolers.

I worked in summer camps with special needs children. Knowing my passion is working with preschoolers, in Pennsylvania I began my journey through a number of child care centers until I found Charlestown Playhouse, my permanent home.

Once I saw the faces of such happy children I knew I was in the right place. Children love being outside and in nature. It’s a magical combination which is nurtured and supported by a wonderful group of teachers, staff and parents. Children are free to explore and learn from each other. Charlestown Playhouse accepts children for who they are.

I have a love for life that is reflected in my many interests. First I have to mention my loving dog Alissa. I enjoy taking part in and watching all kinds of sports (especially running), travel and spending time with friends and family. And I love working at Charlestown Playhouse!