Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to support what Playschool does best - taking an ordinary day and making it meaningful. At Playschool, ordinary interactions between friends are everything. They are the chance to learn self-control, respect for others, experience acceptance, or try new things as simple as jumping off a stump.

Your contribution today will be anything but ordinary to us.  It lets the teachers know how much our community is behind the work they do and the experiences they create for our children and grandchildren EVERY DAY. Please use this Tuesday to change our little corner of the world into the best it can be for all of us.

You can choose to Give a specific item from the Giving Tree which the students and teachers will use every day, or you can give a general donation, or one targeted for Financial Assistance. No matter what you choose, your gift will enable happy Tuesdays in our play yard for years to come.

Thank You!

Giving Tree Items