“I feel as though the fabric of my entire adult life has been woven together with Charlestown Playschool. Our children and then our grandchildren were Playschool graduates; I have no doubt that this experience made them more intellectually curious, creative, and caring people. Besides this personal connection, my years as a Playschool parent helper motivated me to pursue a career in early childhood development and education. At Playschool, I became convinced that—as NAEYC says—“the early years are learning years” with unique importance for later development. Later as a graduate student, I found strong research support for Playschool’s approach to early childhood education. In my university teaching, writing, and presentations I have often referred to Playschool as a shining example of how to nurture the growth of young children and their families.”

Marilou Hyson, Ph.D.

National and International Consultant,

Early Childhood Development and Education

Family Involvement

As a parent-cooperative, family involvement is integral to our program and the operation of our school. Volunteering is an important way for families to feel a part of our community. The volunteer opportunities are flexible enough to meet the skills and schedules of all our families and **usually** include:

  • Attendance at an orientation meeting
  • Attendance at three League Meetings (one in connection with the orientation meeting)
  • Attendance at two work parties (one in spring, one in fall) or providing the equivalent in time spent on other maintenance projects throughout the school year to maintain our building and grounds.
  • Participation in fundraising events; all fundraising projects are planned, organized, and carried out by the families (Holiday Bazaar, Auction Fundraiser, etc.)
  • Participation in the Charlestown Sale (a bi-annual sale held in the spring and fall)
  • Participation as a classroom helper one day per week (1 per family) or weekend property management  or paying for a substitute helper in the case of working parents
  • Participation in a CPH Committee (Board of Directors, League, Events, IT, Property and Grounds, to name a few)

Charlestown Playhouse is a community-forming experience that encourages and empowers every family to be involved in their children’s education. Families have the option of ‘buying out’ of a portion of the cooperative requirements when necessary due to schedule conflicts. Parents are encouraged to contribute special skills or talents in other areas as well such as music, photography, technology, etc.