The Blue Room

The Blue Room is our Kindergarten classroom.

Read the Staff Spotlight about the Blue Room.

Kathleen Blass

Kathleen joined the staff as the Kindergarten teacher in 2008. Kathleen grew up in St. Louis, went to school at Emory and the University of Rochester, and then lived in Cincinnati for 12 years before moving to PA. Kathleen feels really fortunate to have found a community and a school which mirrors her own philosophy of education so beautifully and is thrilled to have made the connection with Playschool. She really believes in learning through play, and hopes that it shows in the open, warm, and friendly classroom environment that she and the teaching team strive to create for their Blue Room friends. When she’s not at Playschool you can often find her 'playing' with her family. Kathleen married her college sweetheart (Benjamin) and together they have three children. When time permits, Kathleen enjoys reading, cooking, sewing, and running a small invitation business out of her home called Kathleen’s Kreations.

Susan Spotts

Susan has been on the Playschool staff since 2011, first in the Orange Room and then working alongside Miss Kathleen in the Blue Room since 2013. Susan enjoys greeting the Blue Room children every morning and playing Legos, magna tiles, blocks, and games with them. Susan and her husband have three children and they also have several chickens. Susan loves to spend time with her family and also enjoys walking, ice skating, watching movies, and making homemade soups.