The Blue Room

The Blue Room is our Kindergarten classroom.

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Erin Steffy

Read the Staff Spotlight about Erin here!

Erin’s teaching career began in Philadelphia after graduating from Temple University with a BS in Elementary Education and certification in Early Childhood Education. After teaching a few years at various Quaker schools she found herself at a small parent-run co-op called The Cooperative Nursery School where she fell in love with the aspect of parents and teachers working together as partners and the community that naturally evolved. After teaching at CNS for three years Erin and her wife Nancy were ready to expand their family, and motherhood opened up the opportunity for Erin to enjoy a few years at home with their two girls. During this time she got to experience being a helper herself while her daughter attended CNS. This was a “full circle” experience and gave her much due respect and gratitude for the dedication parents put forth when participating in a cooperative school. When she went back to work after her maternity hiatus, Erin worked in the pre-k classroom at The Miquon School, a small non-profit progressive school in Conshohocken, PA.

Erin found Playschool in 2010 when she and her colleagues at CNS were researching other co-op schools, and they scheduled a visit as part of their professional development. Erin remembers loving what she saw here and wished she could have stayed all day. Soup was being made in the kitchen by a Dad helper, the work bench was an actual weekly occurrence rather than an idea and each classroom had opportunities to climb, swing and move! Aside from taking with many great inspirations Erin told her colleagues if her family ever moved to Phoenixville, that she would love to work there and have her children attend the school. After living in Philadelphia for 17 years they finally felt ready to make the move to the suburbs and they love being in Phoenixville! Erin is very excited to have joined the Playschool staff in 2017.  

When Erin isn’t at Playschool she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves being outside, hiking, and would love to get back into camping! She also enjoys exercising, reading and finding small moments of solitude.

Susan Spotts

Susan has been on the Playschool staff since 2011, first in the Orange Room and then working alongside Miss Kathleen in the Blue Room since 2013. Susan enjoys greeting the Blue Room children every morning and playing Legos, magna tiles, blocks, and games with them. Susan and her husband have three children and they also have several chickens. Susan loves to spend time with her family and also enjoys walking, ice skating, watching movies, and making homemade soups.