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A huge thank you to the staff, parents, and students who modeled flexibility, resilience, creativity, patience and fortitude during this unprecedented year of school - outside! Our music teacher, Carin Smith, captured so much of what made this year memorable.

Full song audio is below (thanks David Bowie!):


A special congratulations to our Blue Room Kindergarten graduates! You will always have a special place at Playschool.


Playschool implemented Nature-Based Outdoor Learning in Fall 2020.  Outdoor learning ensures the highest levels of safety in response to Covid-19, while enhancing our play-based, child-centered approach. All morning classes take place outside, rain or shine, using our extensive wooded play-yard and natural materials as the basis for learning. Children have access to open air, semi-permanent structures for shelter as well as our building in case of weather emergencies. Outdoor Learning was such a positive experience that it will continue as our primary mode for the 2021-22 school year as well, with additional access to the building for severe weather.

Staff Spotlight

The Blue Room

We are using our Staff Spotlights to learn more about individual staff, their inspirations, and their incredible resilience in adapting to Outdoor Learning in a pandemic.

What makes the Blue Room different from other Kindergarten experiences? Why is play so important to it?

Our Playschool Kindergarten has always been centered on active learning through play. This year, as we moved permanently outside, we have watched this transform into more extensive nature play. We’ve used natural materials to make letters and numbers, count and pattern nearly every day! To the children, it may seem like we’re just having fun, but in the process they’re learning academics as well as invaluable lessons about cooperation, sharing, and social skills.

Read the full interview with Kathleen and Susan here.

Seasonal Play

Need an idea for getting outside with your child? See what we are up to at Playschool!

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Charlestown Playhouse is a non-profit, parent-cooperative preschool that emphasizes learning through child-centered play, the importance of supporting social and emotional development in young children, the beauty and value of nature and a strong sense of community.  At Charlestown Playhouse, we believe that it is through play and active involvement with real materials that children learn best about themselves and their world. Founded in 1936, we are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a private academic preschool and kindergarten.

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